OOAK No. 8


One of a kind Earrings - Insta DM or email the studio to request a photo/video demo on a model info@rubyjacklondon.com


All sales on OOAK designs are final. The stones in these pieces have been cast in place. This is an ancient method of setting stones and often causes marks, bursts or tiny beautiful explosions inside the stone that do not in any way compromise the integrity of the design. Perfect Imperfection is celebrated.


24k Gold Plated Brass & glass gems (cubic zirconia). 

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Approx 4.5cm tall & 2cm wide


18k Gold Plated Brass: We provide a polishing cloth with all gold plated items. You should not polish vigorously as this can remove the plating over time. Simply wipe down after wearing. Always remove your jewellery when exercising/swimming/bathing etc. and do not apply perfumes or lotions whilst wearing your jewellery. Over time your plating may wear thinner (again the rate of this depends entirely on the PH of the wearer and how often the piece is worn), we are always here if you would like to arrange a re-plating service to pro-long the life of your ring.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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