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The Cleo Fan Earrings

24k Gold Plated

Imagine you are Cleopatra, studying in a private corner at The Great Library of Alexandria. Surrounded by scrolls, ancient mathematical tools, philosophical texts and a papyrus fan to cool you, a diadem upon your head, an elaborate bodice, elegant textiles and gold jewels adorn you. There are vines growing up the marble walls and through a tiny window you spy a candle lit temple in the distance. The chorus of the temple worshipers carries across the warm winds. You pray to the nine muses, a tear rolls down your cheek as you thank Euterpe - the muse of music - and set good intentions for your studies.

Materials: 24k gold plated brass with gold plated sterling silver posts and scrolls. Olive green or tanzanite blue cubic zirconia gems. Freshwater pearls.


Preparation Time:

2-4 business days


If you are buying your piece for a special occasion, please contact

Sale price$225.00
The Cleo Fan Earrings
The Cleo Fan Earrings Sale price$225.00