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The Electra Studs

24k Gold Plated

Named after Electra, the Oceanid daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. I love the word 'Oceanid' but it doesn't role off the tongue in quite the same way as Electra! The Oceanids were nymphs and harpies - the perfect personality for earrings designed to be worn by a modern day siren. To create the detail and texture I used a mix of metal and red wax. Pressing my thumb print in to the wax and then melting it over pre-formed metal emblems.

Materials: 24k gold plated brass with 24k gold plated sterling silver posts and scrolls. 

Sizing: Each Earring is approx 4cm tall & 2cm wide.


Preparation Time:

approx 2 weeks


If you are buying your piece for a special occasion, please contact

Sale price$255.00
The Electra Studs
The Electra Studs Sale price$255.00