The Nefertiti Buttons (Set of 4)


The Nefertiti Buttons. An ode to two great women. My mother, and the clothing designer Mara Hoffman. Both artists have inspired the technique I've used to create this design. Mara's TIA top and my mother's Vases, both draw the lines of the female form in such classic and timeless strokes that I wanted to recreate their vision in the form of jewellery. I love the idea of you sassing up an old shirt/waistcoat/dress with these beauties.

Materials & Care: Brass. To care for your buttons once they are sewn on to your chosen garment, simply wash in the machine (or by hand) as usual. Once you remove the item from the machine, use a hairdryer to dry the buttons and the material immediately surrounding, so as to prevent oxidisation. Over time you can use brasso polish, town talk brass cleaner or a natural alternative to give your buttons an additional clean and shine as needed.

Production Time:
  • 3-5 business days (+ shipping time estimated at checkout).
  • Please contact if you need your piece for a special occasion.

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