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The Odd Couple Earrings

Brass or 24k Gold Plated

The Odd Couple Earrings contain a secret pocket, inside which you can hide a hand-written good intention – to help you make it through the day with an intense love for yourself and your wardrobe.

Materials: Brass with sterling silver posts and scrolls or 24k gold plated brass with 24k gold plated sterling silver posts and scrolls. Freshwater pearls. Moonstone. Tiffany green patina. Please note that patinas are ephemeral in nature and may gradually wear over time to reveal the beauty of the gold colour brass beneath.


Preparation Time:

1-3 business days


If you are buying your piece for a special occasion, please contact

Sale price$310.00
The Odd Couple Earrings
The Odd Couple Earrings Sale price$310.00