A collection of bridal delights - curated by Ruby

"For a couple of years now I've gradually been taking deeper and richer inspiration from bridal delights. The traditional silks, satins and embrodiery, paired with modern, simple wedding dress cuts, all work together in the melting pot of my creative eye to enhance and accompany a pair of our Good Intentions pearl earrings or perhaps even a choker. With so much rich imagery gathered, I felt it would be fun to offer up some of my favourite pieces for your browsing pleasure".

Ruby x

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Whether you're the bride, bridesmaid or wedding guest...


This second chapter of new intentions draws, as ever, on my adoration for old school 90s catwalk glamour, with a pinch of tongue in cheek English humour (Ab Fab references a go go). However this time there is also a big nod to the influence of the 19th century french performance artist Paul Legrand, and the overall stage fashion of that time for pastel silks and pearly moons. The elegant, turn of the century, French interpretations of traditional 17th century Italian commedia dell'arte characters - such as pierrot and harlequin - have always had a place in my heart. Weaving these continental motifs in to my very English Good Intentions has created an eccentric love child that I hope you will adore. Every shape is born of a style of musical notation that I invented long ago.

Good Intentions to help you make it through the day with an intense love for yourself and your wardrobe.

Our Story, Our Song

We are a small brand with a big voice. Our entire operation is based in England, employing a small team of master craftspeople. We make jewellery born from song, destined for metal, resolved to adorn bodies and to echo their stories.

Partners in business and love,

Ruby and Chris Jack.

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