The Inspiration Set No. 1

One Of A Kind Vase by my mother, Chrissie Parkhouse. 1999
One Of A Kind Vase by my mother, Chrissie Parkhouse 1999
Mara Hoffman's Tia Top & My jewels
The Nefertiti Chain

Jewellery Inspired by two great female artists...

Just over 20 years ago my mother, Chrissie Parkhouse created her stunning, sculptural and ceramic vases out of clay. Almost two decades later, Mara Hoffman released her incredibly beautiful Tia Top & Mida Sweater. Neither artist could have known of the others work and yet there is such a beautiful and kindred spirit there. When I first spotted Mara's pieces I instantly thought of my mothers vases. I adore their classic and timeless design. The bust is emphasised, the gaze is female, the shape is powerful and divine. I felt moved to take up the baton from my mother and to continue her work, to weave these elegant lines in to my jewellery design. And so my golden Nefertiti totems came in to being. An ode to my mother and to Mara. I adore them and I hope you will too.


One Of A Kind Vase Chrissie Parkhouse 1999

The Nefertiti Buttons