At Ruby Jack our biggest drive and motivation is creating and producing artistic jewellery that comes from a genuine place of excitement, inspiration and integrity. Ruby designs all of our collections at our UK based studio and every single piece is made by hand, by us.

We employ local creatives and silversmiths to work at the studio and we are committed to paying above the living wage throughout the business whilst providing a fun and inspiring work environment. We also work alongside UK based craftsmen for processes like casting and gold plating our metals. Lost wax casting is the ancient technique used to create the majority of Ruby's designs. We are always making positive improvements to the already minimal environmental impact of our business and believe the key to sustainability starts with caring deeply for our creations, customers, colleagues and cosmos. We provide free cleaning kits with all of our pieces in order to keep all designs looking their best and are always happy to help should your item need refurbishing. We use a mix of part recycled/reclaimed and fully recycled metals where possible and are constantly researching and reaching towards an even greater harmony with mama earth.